Grid Cup

Do you want to easily introduce deep learning?

GridCPU is perfect for this person. You want to do business with deep learning, but you do not have facilities such as computers and servers. You are already doing business using deep learning, but I'd like to increase the scale, but I am worried about installation location and cost. GridCPU will solve your troubles like that. Also, AI experts are running out and AI expert fee is at least as high as $ 500,000 / year. With GridCPU you can implement deep learning without costly expensive cost.

Do you think that you want to make effective use of owned computers and servers?

If you use GridCPU, you can rent out your company or home computer and server just as if you lend a room, you can earn money. You can earn money by lending the surplus CPU of your computer or server you are using over the network on a time basis.



Payment method is virtual currency(BTC and DASH) only. Payment of compensation is also virtual currency(BTC and DASH)

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